Ben Hartley Consultant Paediatric Otolaryngologist
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Ben Hartley is a Consultant Paediatric Otolaryngologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and Honorary Senior Lecturer at University College London. He is one of the leading specialists in the U.K.

Paediatric otolaryngology is better known as ENT. It is the study of ear nose and throat diseases in children.

Common children's ENT problems include tonsil problems (recurrent tonsillitis and obstructive sleep apnoea) which sometimes require tonsillectomy. Blocked noses and snoring may be due to adenoids and helped by adenoidectomy. Hearing problems and recurrent ear infections in children can be related to glue ear (otitis media with effusion, serous or secretory otitis media) and may need ventilation tube (grommet) insertion. Often however these conditions can be managed without surgery.

Tonsil surgery techniques have improved dramatically in recent years. Intracapsular tonsillectomy by coblation offers dramatically reduced pain and an earlier return to school or nursery. It has a reduced risk of bleeding and is much safer. It is now the preferred technique for children with tonsil problems

Ben Hartley's specialist areas include childrens airway and laryngeal problems, children's voice disorders, neck lumps, thyroglossal cysts, branchial cysts and sinuses in children and also treatment of haemangiomas, cystic hygromas and vascular malformations.

Appointments for Private Consultations are available at
Childrens Outpatients, 234 Great Portland Street, London W1W 5QT
Tel: 0207 390 8352 Fax: 0207 390 8331

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