ENT Specialist Areas

Ben Hartley specialises in a range of children’s disorders including:

Common Children’s ENT Problems

  1. Hearing problems and middle ear fluid (Glue ear)
  2. Recurrent ear infections
  3. Speech delay
  4. Nasal blockage, constant colds and snoring
  5. Recurrent throat infections
  6. Obstructive sleep apnoea

Specialist Problems in Children

  1. Voice problems and hoarseness
  2. Cysts and Neck lumps
  3. Noisy or obstructed breathing in babies
  4. Deafness and cochlear implantation
  5. Dribbling
  6. Tracheostomy

Common Operations

  1. Ventilation Tubes (Grommets)
  2. Adenoidectomy
  3. Tonsillectomy

Specialist Operations

  1. Airway endoscopy in children and small infants
  2. Laryngotracheal reconstruction
  3. Tracheal surgery
  4. Head and Neck Surgery
  5. Cochlear Implantation
  6. Salivary surgery for dribbling
  7. Excision of cystic hygroma
  8. Excision of thyroglossal and branchial cysts